PARR meetings take place on Wednesdays from 9:30 – 11:00 am (typically the second Wednesday of the month with exceptions *noted below), in 203 BRG.

 Meeting Dates

September 26, 2018 *
October 10, 2018
November 14, 2018
December 5, 2018 *
January 9, 2019
February 13, 2019
March 13, 2019
April 10, 2019
May 8, 2019
June 12, 2019

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The Committee on Planning, Academic Resources & Research shall make recommendations and provide advice to Council on policy matters related to planning, academic resources and research. It will promote and evaluate resources and research at the Faculty level. This committee will also be responsible for coordinating cross-Faculty academic and research partnerships

Terms of Reference:

Taking a broad, principled approach to planning, the Committee shall be responsible for making:

a) recommendations to Council (once the letter of support from the Dean is received) for the approval of new academic units and programs (including departments / schools units, research centres), and for the disestablishment or transfer of such units and programs (concurrence with LCS); and concurrences with recommendations to establish endowed chairs;

b) reports to Council on reviews of existing departments, units, centres and programs, (including but not necessarily limited to Faculty/Department plans, Program Cyclical Reviews, Accreditation reviews,  Organized Research Units, IT, Space and Computing plans, non-degree studies reports, Fundraising Campaign) and recommendations for changes arising from such reports;

c) PARR works closely with the Dean to develop the Faculty Academic Plan (FAP), Strategic Research Plan and other Foundational documents; PARR approves and brings them forward to Council.  PARR also monitors and reports on the implementation of FAP objectives;

d) direct advice to the Dean on the employment of resources within the Faculty;

e) the articulation of research, teaching and programmatic principles for academic planning and criteria for assessment of major initiatives, including shifts of academic resources;

f) the establishment of academic priorities guiding the deployment of academic resources, and advice and recommendations on the allocation of academic resources (including the IRP);

g) in consultation with others (including Council & Senate committees), the coordination of program and policy development;

h) the receipt of annual and periodic reports from the Dean and its ex officio vice-deans, associate deans, assistant deans, sub-committees (including those required by external bodies); and is responsible for the transmittal of relevant reports to Council.

To perform its functions the Committee shall have access to all relevant information through the Vice-Dean Academic and Dean and its Technical team. Standing agenda items shall include research, planning, major academic policies and initiatives, and other such matters of ongoing attention the Committee deems relevant to its mandate. The Committee shall serve as Council’s liaison with academic administrators and other collegial bodies dealing with matters related to its mandate.

Enhance the scholarly climate by developing overarching faculty strategies for advancing research scholarship and creative work; and by generating ideas and approaches for implementing these strategies.

  1. Create policy and establish application procedures for research resources designated to the committee for adjudication, and make recommendations to Council.

Facilitate connections and communications between PARR and other bodies of the university.

  1. Liaise with any committee(s) that have planning and policy functions to ensure a free flow of ideas and information between the departments, Faculty and the University level on matters of research and scholarship.
  2. Liaise with any research committee(s) in units, encourage and exchange research/scholarly ideas, enhance the scholarly climate of the faculty, and discuss the development of research, scholarship, and creative work within and across the units.
  3. Develops and implements a strategy to communicate relevant information about the committee to the departments and the York community.

Constitute sub-committees for research adjudications, and from time to time establish ad hoc working groups to deal with emerging priorities in relation to research and scholarship, for example:

  1. Grant Adjudication Sub-Committee (chaired by a member of PARR), reviews applications for minor research grants and other grants or awards, according to policy and procedures established by the PARR and approved in Council, and recommends allocations to the Dean of the funds as available and appropriate.
  2. Coordinates Research Awards and Celebrations with the Council Awards Committee, to review and adjudicate nominations for any awards for research excellence and scholarly creative excellence, and any other prizes that shall be approved by the Faculty Council.

Committee Secretary prepares the final report for submission to the Office of Research Ethics.  PARR reviews the year-end undergraduate research ethics summaries from all academic unit Research Ethics Boards.

Quorum will be at least half of its voting members, the majority of whom are faculty members. The Chair of the Committee is selected by the voting members of the Committee for a two-year term.

PARR Committee Membership:

Dean, Vice/Associate Deans, Chair of Council, Faculty Members (2 from each department), 2 Students  (1 Undergraduate, 1 Graduate), 1 Staff, Assistant Dean Finance (non-voting) and Secretary to Committee (non-voting)

2018-19 Members

Dean Jane Goodyer (ex officio, voting)
Associate Deans UT Nguyen, Regina Lee
Chair of Council Melanie Baljko
Faculty Members (2 from each department)  Rashid Bashir (CIVL), Ahmed Eldyasti  (CIVL), Ronald Hanson (MECH), Roger Kempers (MECH), Costas Armenakis (ESSE), Baoxin Hu (ESSE), Hossein Kassiri (EECS), George Tourlakis (EECS)
2 Students (1 UG, 1 Grad) Maunee Patel (UG), TBA (Grad)
1 Staff TBA
Executive Officer, non-voting Paul Battistuzzi 
Secretary to Committee, non-voting Paulina Karwowska-Desaulniers