Membership on Faculty Council

The following members of the Lassonde community may attend and participate in all meetings of Council and shall have the right to vote:

A)       The Dean, Vice, Associate & Assistant Deans, full-time members of the faculty, contract faculty for the term during which they hold a teaching appointment and emeritus faculty (retirees) for the term during which they hold a teaching, administrative or supervisory position, Masters of Colleges affiliated with the Lassonde School of Engineering (ex officio).

B)        13 students such that their number shall not exceed 15 per cent of Council membership. This number will include the Lassonde School of Engineering student senators (ex officio) and at least one student from each of the academic units elected annually by the students in the Lassonde School of Engineering.

C)        Two members of the non-academic staff. These two members may not be from the same unit and will be elected by the non-academic staff to serve a one year term.

D)       The Engineering Librarian (ex officio).

E)        The Chair of Senate (ex officio) and the Secretary of Senate (ex officio).

F)        The President of the University (ex officio) and the Vice-President Academic and Provost (ex officio).

The Council may issue invitations for either the full academic year or for a particular meeting to individuals who are not members of Council. Such individuals shall be entitled to participate in the meeting(s) of Council to which they have been invited but shall not have the right to vote.

All members of the Lassonde School of Engineering including non-academic staff and students registered in the Lassonde School of Engineering shall have the right to attend Council meetings, but shall not have the right to vote.

Until such time as Senate Executive has completed a positive review of the rules of Council, the Council shall adapt Senate’s rules and procedures for the conduct of meetings.

  • Normally, non-adjudicating committee meetings will be open (meetings and agendas circulated to all; input from all Council members can be made to committee chairs)
  • Only designated people vote (with named alternates)
  • Quorum set for adjudicating committees


Council shall elect a Chair and Vice-Chair of Council for one year terms. Normally, the Vice-Chair shall succeed the Chair.

The Secretary of Council shall be appointed by the Dean. The duties of the Secretary shall be to take charge of the records and papers of the Council; to keep the same properly arranged for convenient reference; to be responsible for keeping minutes of the proceedings of all Council meetings; and shall prepare and countersign all official Council documents.


Please refer to individual Committees for specified procedures and/or policies.

The Lassonde Faculty Council has adopted “The Senate Handbook – Rules & Procedures” to guide and inform its governance structure and operations.